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希望您能提供: 1. 中英文项目说明。word格式(中英双语需流畅准确、相互对应、整合成成段文字,不可采用机翻英文) / 2. 照片,像素大于200,宽度大于1000像素。JPG格式(不可带有水印,不要拼图) / 3. 主要平立剖等线图。PDFJPG格式 (附件超过100mb请发送下载链接:建议提供百度云盘、dropbox等下载链接,避免使用163126邮箱链接)/ 4. 视频链接。如有视频文件,需要自行上传至腾讯视频,并将链接发送给我们。/ 5. 项目信息表。请按照下方表格填写,并附在资料包中一并发送。/ 6. 事务所的官方中英文名称、公司logo、简介及联系方式。

声明:1. 项目发布前不提供预览,发布后不提供修改,请务必确认投稿资料(各级标题、内容、版权、项目信息等)准确无误。/ 2. 需要提供每张图片的版权信息,有多个摄影师的情况下需分别注明。投稿前必须与项目的摄影师确认图片版权,以免产生版权问题。/ 3. 收到投稿资料即默认谷德有权对项目进行排版并安排发布时间,项目通过审核后会直接发布。特殊要求请直接标注在文件中,如对图注有特定要求,需在图片名称内标清中英图注。/ 4. 其他特殊情况(如首发投稿等)请在投稿邮件中标明。/ 5. 如有合作设计方务必标明,且在各方协商好的情况下投稿,避免单方面投稿带来的纠纷。/ 6. 如需预定微信头版请在投稿邮件中告诉我们。

Project articles are free to publish when they are approved. We are proud to publish the latest original completed project manuscripts and will post them as soon as possible within a few hours (within 3 business days at the latest). Please read the following carefully before submitting your article to ensure it goes through the review process, thanks for your understanding and support.

We hope you can provide: 1. project description in English and Chinese. word format (Chinese and English must be fluent and accurate, correspond to each other, integrated into a paragraph, no machine translation of English) / 2. photos, more than 200 pixels, width more than 1000 pixels. jpg format (no watermark, no jigsaw puzzle) / 3. main horizontal, vertical and sectional isometric drawings. pdf or jpg format (attachment more than 100mb) Please send the download link: Baidu cloud disk, dropbox and other download links are recommended, avoid using 163, 126 email links) / 4. Video links. If you have video files, you need to upload them to Tencent Video by yourself and send the link to us. / 5. Project information form. Please fill in the form below and send it along with the information package. / 6. The official name of the firm in English and Chinese, company logo, profile and contact information.

Disclaimer: 1. No previews will be provided before the project is released, and no revisions will be provided after the release. Please make sure that the submission information (title, content, copyright, project information, etc. at all levels) is accurate. / 2. Copyright information for each image needs to be provided, and in case of multiple photographers it needs to be indicated separately. It is important to confirm the copyright of the images with the project photographer before submission to avoid copyright issues. / 3. Upon receipt of the submission, it is assumed that Guardian has the right to layout and schedule the project for publication, and the project will be published directly after passing the review. Please mark special requirements directly in the file, if there are specific requirements for the image note, please mark the image note in Chinese and English in the image name. / 4. Other special cases (such as the first submission, etc.) should be indicated in the submission email. / 5. If there is a collaborative design partner, please make sure to indicate it, and submit the article under the condition of negotiation between all parties to avoid disputes caused by unilateral submission. / 6. Please let us know in the submission email if you want to book the front page of WeChat.